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How Vietnam crushed its second coronavirus wave

After successfully containing its first outbreak in March and April, Vietnam can now take pride in defeating the coronavirus twice

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Vietnam’s Success in Containing COVID-19 Offers Roadmap for Other Developing Countries

By Era Dabla-Norris, Anne-Marie Gulde-Wolf, and Francois Painchaud, IMF Asia and Pacific Department

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How did Vietnam bring the spread of coronavirus to a halt — again?

Vietnam has gone more than two weeks without a single case of coronavirus via community transmission, effectively beating the virus for a second time.

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Costa Rica: COVID-19 Success Story

The tiny island nation is having some success in mitigating the spread of the virus.

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HOW COSTA RICA Nipped Coronavirus in the Bud

Costa Rica were the first Latin American country to reported a case of COVID-19, but it has become one of the most successful nations in the world in the fight against the coronavirus.

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How Cost Rica is winning the fight against coronavirus

The first confirmed case of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Latin America was diagnosed in Costa Rica, a nation of 5 million people that has just over one doctor per thousand people.

Read the full story via the World Economic Forum >

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